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I am so glad  to support you personally or remotely with energetic tools. With the energetic work, the blockages that are no longer useful to you are released.

  • I support you with FoCos® constellations in a medial and solution-oriented manner

  • With JIN SHIN JYUTSU © your life energy will be harmonized
  • With the media art it results in the unique concept that helps you to stay stable anchored in your vibration

FoCos®- constellation work by Lisa Wallner

I use the FoCos® constellations because they are so wonderfully efficient. The particularly effective thing about it is the quick transformation, the ease and a multidimensional understanding of solutions. Through focused and targeted queries (kinesiological body feedback) and the use of the 2-point method, FoCos® constellations quickly lead to healing results with clarity and mindfulness. Arrange a preliminary talk with me to get to know each other & get an overview from a new perspective! 

Why FoCos® constellation work?

  • To end your search & leave the void behind
  • Find power again in self-empowerment
  • Live your truth consciously, strongly and fully
  • Forgiveness and reconciliation with the past
  • Clarification of entanglements
  • Decisions (occupation / calling / fulfillment)

The Art of harmonizing 


lived simplicity in touch, consciously perceive life energy ~ activate self-healing powers! 

Through our hands flows the universal energy of light, also known as love. Recognize the divine power within you that frees you. Remain in the pure light of your heart.

Through Jin Shin Jyutsu we become aware of the fact, that we already have all that we need to achieve harmony and balance in body, mind and soul, feelings and digestion.

This awareness leaves a feeling of complete inner peace, of equanimity, security and unity that nothing and nobody can take away from ME.

Our fears, the foundations of all disharmony, dissolve one after the other, all unnecessary burdens fall off our shoulders and make room for complete inner and outer harmony. Our daily LIFE leaves no room for feelings of competition and comparison. Only the current state of BEING exists, which already includes our "past" and is the cornerstone of our "future". (taken from Mary Burmeister self help book 1, JIN SHIN JYUTSU Physio Philosophie)

Establishing harmony:

The placing of my hands or individual fingers on 2 parts of your body over the clothing - so the energy now can flow between the two poles. This way, blockages can be released and harmony can be restored.

Harmonizing session can also be made remotely! 

This is The Art of Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

Duration of harmonizing session

~ 60 minutes

Price per session           € 90,00

1/2 Session 30minutes  € 45,00

In general JIN SHIN JYUTSU does not replace the service of medical scientists or medical institutions. We do as practitioners just energetic work and try to release energetic blockades.