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BE LOVE ... instead of wanting or needing love        

Take chances to rediscover the spark in you... you are worth it. It is your life and you always have a choice!

ALWAYS remember the POWER that dwells in you.


for me, the most wonderful soundtrack of the world - "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" Recommendation movie & soundtrack
taken from Title 7-9 (The Odyssey)

easy volume, being by yourself, emotions - no more words needed!

24 minutes

(German/English spoken INTRO with 13 minutes meditation)​

from 21 day cycle - The power of cosmic gratitude - LINK for the complete version

Day 16:
My true self knows no limits and borders - MANTRA  Ananta Swa Bhava

The whole cycle is uniquely life-changing.

Feeling genuine gratitude and aligning life with it again, changes automatically!   PRESS PLAY & enjoy


YOU ARE THE KEY ~ Look 👀 into you...

Make your choice and take the chance to turn around.

See your true self. Trust in it!

1 minute being angry enervates your immune system for 4-5 hours. 

1 minute laughing strenghten your immune system for 24 hours. ... please more of that :)

How good it feels to be alive 🙌🏻 Be grateful for EVERYTHING 💎♾ Enjoy sunrise 🗝 calm and peaceful⛽️

The following words lift you up to BECOME more aware... true? 

„When we are ready to change our lives positively, we will attract whatever we need for it“ Louise Hay

„Look inside. There is the source of good that never stops bubbling unless you stop digging“ Marc Aurel

„Love Is THE ANSWER - The Question Is Unimportant“ Jeff Forster

„The only way to have TIME is to take TIME“

„The most beautiful thing you can give someone is time... because with it you give a piece of your life“

„Forgiving everything is a gift to ourselves that we accept by giving it to others“

„Diseases do not affect us out of the blue, but develop from small sins against nature every day. If these have piled up, they seem to break out suddenly.“ Hippokrates

"Thinking positive doesn't mean that you always have to be in a good mood. It just means that on bad days you are aware that good days will come again"

"You are rich the second you are thankful"

"Not because it's so difficult, we don't dare, but because we don't dare, it's difficult." Seneca

Feedback from my clients...

In addition to professional competence...

... and gigantic knowledge of body, mind and soul characterize Eva, her loving, confidential approach, her understanding manner, her open ear and her incredible feeling for people and animals.

I can only recommend everyone to experience Eva for themselves and to feel it for themselves!

Doris P.

I know and appreciate ...

... Eva for a very, very long time and I felt immediately addressed by her new offer "Stream". I realized: To put yourself in Eva's hands means holistic, noticeable harmonization of body, mind and soul!

I was amazed how quickly and deeply I came to relaxation and how refreshed and relieved I felt afterwards. It was extremely exciting for me to experience and understand that flow can be the solution for so many things.

The best for last: I received helpful and valuable self-help tips for at home.

For me, Eva has a lot of talents and gifts and her willingness to help is infinitely powerful and positive.

Nicole Lang

Mrs. Kriegler was able to ..

... won my trust very quickly with her positive, intuitive and refreshing nature and with her versatile knowledge. By embarking on wonderful ways of their help and healing, I was allowed to leave pain behind me and open myself to the path of lightness ... thank you very much for these healing experiences.

Heidi J.

Eva is ...

... a great woman and has a wonderful feel for getting to the bottom of the original issues. I find every constellation with Eva a wonderful gift.

I have met few people who are so open and warm from the first minute.

In every single constellation with Eva, it is exciting to see what a topic shows up and how easily old, fixed patterns can often dissolve.

Through the newly gained clarity and perspective, I was able to recognize completely new solutions and ways for myself again and again. With her loving manner, Eva manages to open a safe, trusting space in which it is easy to get involved in a deep process of change and to get on your own way bit by bit.                                                                                                                      

Diana F.

Eva stands for...

... everything that is important to her, energy and -Lightwork, hope, confidence, motivation, counseling, ability to support other people in a faith based on self-determination and self-mobilization. Equipped with these reinforcements, and if you will, with this reprogramming towards light, towards positive energies, everyone who can avail themselves of your help is well on the way to change.

She lives what she is. She believes that light and energy guide a person and if you allow it, this light / energy can bring you from the deepest depths to the highest heights. This process can only take place in every human being.

Eva knows the "tools" well and knows how to use them.

If you were to ask me what one of Eva’s greatest strengths is, I would answer immediately: "Your analytical talent to recognize a problem and, almost at the same time, to have a targeted solution ready for you."

I was always a skeptical person and light and energy were something that I could physically feel and measure.

I was taught better 20 years ago and now I know that there can be other types of transformed energies. All life is made up of energy. You just have to learn to use them. 

Eva made this her life's work. Her way is to help people with conviction and empathy.

I can only recommend Eva Kriegler because she has already helped me in so many life situations, and not just in the form of a dialogue that quickly strengthened me, my half-hidden and dormant knowledge, to give a boost of energy and to take action, but also because you have stood by me with advice and assistance in every necessary form.

She is authentic and anyone who has not yet found her as a consultant, mentor or person of trust has the opportunity to do so now.

Christian Höld

Neo-cubist painter

I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for the appreciative words about my "manner".

For me, EVA means TO ACCEPT and APPLY the ENERGY CONNECTION. I am so grateful for this gift ~ my calling!